burtiņš is the most beautiful memories of my childhood dressed in a brand that creates equally glorious memories for others. burtiņš reminds me of my grandfather Vilnis. He was my security and strength, and I was so proud to walk by his hand, that as a child I was called little Vilnītis. Vilnis was my best childhood friend. His hair was as wavy as his name and he always had wool socks on his feet. They were as colorful as himself- grandchildren patched from one place and each time with a different color thread. Now that I have grown up I have put all the values that Vilnis though me in to my company. Most of all the world in not perfect, but it is very beautiful. I also learned courage from him, that’s why it’s time to fearlessly set foot in the big world, continuing to create burtiņš dishes with a row of letters on their side. burtiņš is me Sabīne. burtiņš is my brother Uga. burtiņš is my sister Krista. And burtiņš is definitely the best friend many childrens.


burtiņš Krista knows the time and never hinders. That is why she is entrusted with one of the most important tasks - packing all the dishes and making sure that they reach the right home at the right time.


burtiņš Uga jokes as well as generates new ideas. In his head they appear faster than mushrooms after rain. Uga is the one that makes dishes and makes sure that each letter is at it’s right place.


burtiņš Sabīne is a designer and the creator of the brand. She is the heart of the team. The company’s creative and leading. She is said to have more than 24 hours a day and she believes in unicorns. Sabīne wishes that burtiņš becomes every child’s best friend.
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